Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A new beginning.

The latest chapter in the ongoing struggle of my physician, friend, and arch-nemesis began anew this morning before school in an epic struggle of good vs. evil. We have had a one on one game on hold for close to a year (at least it seems). He was ahead 13-12 when we had to abort the game because I had to go home, but we renewed the rivalry at 5:45am today. It was a back and forth game for a while, but I eventually got to 15 points (we had set win by two as a parameter) and there were no two-pointers in the game. It was a hard fought win.

Noorda, or the "good guys", got the best of me in a closely contested second game. He outhustled me as I was content to brick away from behind the three point line.

Our third game was close again, and I fell behind early, but my 2 pointers started to fall, and I was able to win. So, our tally for the day was:

Good guys (Noorda): 1
Bad guys (Me): 2

Our year to date tally is 2-1, Bad Guys leading.

Yes, I did wear my Evil Dead t-shirt to reinforce my bad guy reputation.